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Sleeveless Silk Blouse

Designer: Lela Silk




Materials: Pure Silk, Perfect French Seam

Laundry Instructions:

For Cotton/Linen

-With washing machine:

In washing bag, please choose Cotton/ Linen washing option.

Best to hand wash with cold water. -Iron/steam on the wrong side (the inside), only with Cotton/Linen washing option.

Hang flat to dry

Please do not dry with Dryer.

 For Silk/Silk Blend Washing: Hand-wash with cold water

Rub gently with cold water to release stains, use lemon juice to keep the natural dye stays longer. Hang flat to dry 

Please do not squeeze or dry with Dryer.

With washing machine:

In washing bag, please choose Silk washing option.

Iron slightly on the wrong side (the inside) to avoid crushing silk texture, with lowest temperature setting for silk. Best with steaming iron.

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