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Gold Wire Wrapped Pendant Quartz Mens Crystal Pendulum Crystal Necklace

Designer: NaturebyDesign



Clear quartz connects with gold aura quartz to create a drop style crystal necklace with a pendulum vibe.

The wire wrapped pendant integrates two styles of wire wrapping forming a truly unique piece. The raw crystal necklace can double as pendulum or just add some wicked line to your drop necklace. - Gold Aura Quartz and Clear Quartz Raw Crystal Necklace - Dual Technique Wire Wrapped Pendant - Crystal Pendulum Necklace - Womens or Mens Crystal Necklace - You Choose Chain Material and Length

DIMENSIONS: The quartz and aura quartz pendant is about 2.2" (5.59 cm) tall and about 1" (2.54 cm) wide at its widest point. You choose the chain length and material.

MATERIAL:All metal is nickle free copper core wire. Color does not tarnish over time. The clear quartz is a natural crystal. The gold aura quartz is a man-made crystal created in a lab.

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