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Aqua Aura Quartz Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant Necklace

Designer: NaturebyDesign



Antique bronze adds an earthy element to the aqua aura quartz necklace. Reversible and unique, the wire wrapped pendant can be worn on any side to add a bit of fun to the wearing process.

You choose the chain material and length for this aura quartz necklace. – Aqua Aura Quartz Point Necklace – Reversible Wire Wrapped Pendant – Healing Crystal Necklace – Mens Crystal Necklace 

DIMENSIONS The wire wrapped pendant is about 1.78″ (4.45 cm) tall and approximately 0.5″ (1.27 cm) wide. These dimensions will be slightly affected by the aura quartz your choose for your pendent

MATERIAL:All material is nickle free and non-tarnishing. The silver wire is 0.925 sterling silver copper core wire. Aqua aura quartz is a man-made quartz by adding gold particles to raw quartz using strong magnets. 

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